CE Documentation
Risk assessment, verification of functional safety
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Test for safe operation of machinery and equipment
According to the requirements of the BetrSichV
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Interlinking & Integration
Assembly of machinery
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Retrofit & Changes
Evaluation of machine conversions, significant changes
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As a service and software company in the mechanical engineering sector, we have the skills to support your CE management goals through design, consulting and services.
In order to implement the Machinery Directive, the Product Safety Act and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, we support the manufacturer as well as the operator, from the creation of the specification sheet and the design to the acceptance and safe operation.

The way to a safe machine

Contractual agreement

Early agreements on essential points in the specifications and functional specifications:

  • Clarification areas of responsibility
  • Agreements on documentation requirements
  • Agreements on acceptable residual risks


Construction in accordance with good engineering practice is usually lived, but rarely documented:

  • Record agreements and decisions during the design process and thus directly involve the respective specialist departments in the documentation.
  • The coordinated compilation of this documentation thus already constitutes a major part of the risk assessment.

Putting into service

Coordination and clarification of responsibilities of:

  • Validation process from the manufacturer
  • Trainings
  • Inspection during initial start-up by the operator


Transfer of the residual risks and testing requirements of the manufacturer to the

  • Risk assessment according to Operational Safety Regulation
  • Documentation for testing the safe operation of the machinery

About Us

Our career is based on 13 years of software design with extensive RetroFit projects of complex machines, their interlinking, palletising and networking to master computers. This has enabled us to develop a good reputation worldwide together with our partners in the electrical and mechanical engineering sector.

In the course of increasingly complex machines, our customers demands for more safety and documentation have increased. As a result, from 2004 onwards we have specialised us in the documentation for EC-Conformity. The many years of experience is the basis of our know-how today.

Durch Kooperationen mit der Arbeitssicherheit, begleitende Beratungen von den Berufsgenossenschaften und vielen Weiterbildungen, verfügen wir heute über ein breites Spektrum erfolgreicher Referenzen. Seit Mitte 2014 sind wir Mitglied im Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA).

For programming in the safety area (Siemens / KUKA / ABB), we have the appropriate expertise to be at your disposal for testing safety robots.